Mon, 18 Feb, 2019
     Position Statement 

           15th Anniversary Press Release

           Renaming Campaign on Chinese name of Dementia as 「腦退化症」

           Response to the consultation on voluntary Health Protection Scheme

           Healthcare Reform Consultation Document “Your Health, Your Life”

           Letter to the Legislative Council concerning residential services for the elderly

           HKPGA's Press Release concerning a Donepezil trial in Japan

           Response to Legco Panel on Welfare Services on RCSE 2005

           Substitute Decision Making and Advance Directives in relation to medical treatment

           Feedback on Consultation for the Enduring Powers of Attorney: Personal Care

           長者社區照顧服務券試驗計劃意見書 2012

           立法會長者社區照顧服務意見書 2013