Sat, 22 Sep, 2018

           HKPGA Annual Scientific Meeting cum Annual General Meeting 2017

           HKPGA 2017 Pre-meeting workshop on Testamentary Capacity

           HKPGA Mid-year Scientific Meeting 2017

           HKPGA Annual Scientific Symposium cum Annual General Meeting 2016

           HKPGA Mid-year Scientific Meeting 2016

           HKPGA Pre-Conference Workshop on Mental Capacities 2015

           International Capacity Conference

           HKPGA Dinner Symposium Dec 2013

           Dementia Training Workshop 2013

           HKPGA Dinner Symposium May 2013

           HKPGA Problem Solving Therapy (PST) Workshops

           Photos of The First Chinese Psychogeriatric Tripartite Scientific Conference

           Workshop on Testamentary Capacity and Other Types of Mental Capacities

           Problem Solving Therapy (PST) Workshop

           Good News for People with Dementia — an Update on Pharmacological Developments for Dementia

           Forum on Dementia Care Policy

           HKPGA Psychotherapy Workshop