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        5 March 2010


Dear friends and colleagues,


        We have the great pleasure and honor to welcome you to come to our first scientific conference.

   The First Chinese Psychogeriatric Tripartite Scientific Conference 

        This conference is jointly organised by the Hong Kong Psychogeriatric Association, the Psychogeriatric Interest Group of the Chinese Society of Psychiatry and the Taiwanese Society of Geriatric Psychiatry.

        This event is very timely and is a reflection of the demographic change in Asia. We all know that Asia is ageing very rapidly and government all over Asia has started to pay much more attention to this change. Under this background, various psychogeriatric services arise.

        Over the last one to two decades, psychogeriatric services in Greater China were born and developed. However these services were developed in their different ways, to fit their own local situations. It would be very interesting and useful for clinicians, service planners, managers, users and concerned parties to compared notes, to exchange ideas and to see what we can learn from one another.

        It is with this in mind that our theme for this first conference is:

Psychogeriatric Services across Greater China -
Issues and Opportunities

        We would like to thank Professor Helen Chiu, the ex-President of the International Psychogeriatirc Association for her encouragement and help in organising this conference.

        This conference would be very beneficial for those who work in the field of Old Age Psychiatry, be it in the medical, in the nursing, in the allied health or in the social service areas.

        We look forward to seeing you all at this conference in Hong Kong on 11 June 2010. The invitation to the conference will be sent to you in the near future.


Dr. Li Siu Wah, President, Hong Kong Psychogeriatric Association
Professor Yu Xin, Chairman, Psychogeriatric Interest Group, Chinese Society of Psychiatry
Professor Hwang Jen Ping, President, Taiwanese Society of Geriatric Psychiatry