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To: All members of the Hong Kong Psychogeriatric Association (HKPGA)

17th December, 2010


The 2011 HKPGA Young Scientist Award cum

Sponsorship for attending the 26th Annual General Meeting of the

Japanese Society of Psychogeriatrics (JSPG)

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We take much pleasure to announce that the annual contest for the captioned award is now open to HKPGA members for submission. We welcome original scientific research works themed on old age psychiatry. Submitted works would be evaluated by an independent panel of experts and up to 2 winners would be selected basing on the merits of the scientific project, and the contributions made by the candidates to the HKPGA and the field of Psychogeriatrics in general. Each winner would be awarded USD 1,000 for furnishing a trip to the 26th JSPG Annual General Meeting in Tokyo, upon 15th to 17th June 2011 to present his/her research works there, and the admission fees for the meeting would be waived.


This contest was first established in 2009 as a collaborative project between the HKPGA and the JSPG with the aims to promote and advance scientific researches pertinent to Psychogeriatrics by providing due recognition to outstanding young scientists in the field, and to fortify regional ties conducive to academic and other professional exchanges that are related to the discipline.

Interested candidates should note the following rules of the contest:
1. The contest is open to all HKPGA members of all professional disciplines
2. A maximum duration of 15 years is allowed between the candidate’s attainment of his/her entry professional qualification and the submission of work for this contest
3. The candidate should have a reasonable proficiency in English language to fulfill the aims of this program
4. An abstract within 500 words on the submitted research work, along with the completed application form and a brief curriculum vita of the applicant should be mailed to Ms. Gloria Wong, 1/F, Block C, Castle Peak Hospital, 15 Tsing Chung Koon Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories on or before 15 February 2011
5. The full manuscript should be readily available upon request by the selection panel
6. To maintain the quality of this contest, the HKPGA is not obligated to appoint any winners if it is advised by the panel of experts that none of the submitted works is of sufficient scientific merit

The winners of this award will be announced by mid-March 2011. For enquiries, please contact the undersigned at 2456 7111. We eagerly look forward to receiving your submissions! With best wishes,


Chow Po Ling, Paulina
Honorary Secretary, HKPGA


Application Form for HKPGA Young Scientist Award 2011          

1. Particulars of the Applicant
Name :___________________________________________________________
Position :___________________________________________________________
Department :___________________________________________________________
Organisation :___________________________________________________________
Contact No. :___________________________________________________________
Fax No. :___________________________________________________________
Email :___________________________________________________________

Research title :__________________________________________________________

3. An abstract within 500 words concerning the research project and a brief curriculum vita of the applicant should also be submitted.

Signature of the candidate: ___________________________

Date: ___________________________________________